Morning Breeze Australian Shepherds

About Me:

While Tucker is my first ASCA/AKC Aussie, I have grown up with the breed since my great grandmother got her first one in 1987. I fell in love with the breed though on a cold, gray day in November 1994 when I saw Tammy at her house. She was a blue merle with copper and minimal white and I thought she was the ugliest dog ever. But what a dog she was; a true Aussie, with a wonderful sense of humor, and uncanny intelligence. There was nothing she could not escape. She was truly a one person dog, and her heart belonged to me. While my grandpa took care of her every day of the week, when I was there no one else existed. He would open the door and I could still be down the street and she would come running to me, completely ignoring him. She was a true farm dog and never taught any cues, but she learned by observation and never needed a fence to know where the property boundaries were on the 30 acre farm.

She was euthanized my third year of college in 2005. I was Aussie less until 2009, when after 3 years of working in the animal shelters in Columbus, Ohio, Logan came into my life. He was an owner surrender because of declining health of his owner. He was obese at 72 pounds (he was 44 when he passed away), but there was no way I was going to let him leave the shelter without me. On January 12, 2009 he was officially mine. Logan was a stately old soul. He never gave his heart completely to me. Like a true Aussie I believe he left it with his former owner. But he did give me his heart when we were training and competing. Logan introduced me to Rally obedience. He was such a reliable partner in and out of the ring; for me and anyone else who needed him. There were many 4-H members who learned from him.

I started my search for Tucker in 2011, contacting many breeders and going to many performance events and talking to people who’s Aussies I liked. It took until 2016 for him to come into my life, and the rest is history.

Currently, I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with Tucker and an honorary “aussie” Autumn. I am active in agility, rally, obedience, scentwork, conformation and dabble in herding. While not competing we enjoy hiking.

Why Morning Breeze?

Just like Tucker’s registered name is homage to my grandfather, so is the kennel name. He was instrumental in my love of this breed, and right before he died he told me to remember him every time I watched my horse races. A breeze is a workout done in the morning to train horses, and so it’s a way to always remember him.

          Goals of Morning Breeze             

My goal is first and foremost to produce structurally correct, temperamentally sound, healthy individuals to be companions that can do anything asked of them. I want to produce dogs that adhere to the standard, even if that type isn’t currently popular. Temperament is extremely important to me. A dog that has a sound temperament is easier to live with, and easier to engage in various activities. Health is also very important to me. I strive to be open and honest about any and all health issues.